Early season surprises in NBA

The first quarter of the ongoing NBA season proved much expectation about successes and failures, but some things came slightly as a shock, even for the greatest fans and connoisseurs. Some overall picture and impression are slowly being shaped, but with these unexpected emerging, it would be bold to predict definite outcomes.
We took a brief overview of the matches played so far and listed some of our biggest impression that caught us by surprise.

Walker’s domination

kemba-walkerThroughout six years of quite dynamic and active career, Kemba Walker proved himself as more than solid players with a lot of potential and talent to be expressed. However, this Charlotte Hornet’s star turned out to be quite a sensation during this season. In 18 games played so far, with moderate time spent in the action, Walker scored 24.2 points, 4.9 assists and 4.1 rebound per game. To keep it real, we should say that MVP award is still out of reach, but Walker is certainly shooting high and aiming top ten players of the season. For a solid, but relatively marginal player so far, this counts as a major success and pretty unexpected performance.

Marrying youth and experience

After several radical changes in Chicago Bulls team when some big names left the team, fans and experts kind of expected Bulls to hit average scores in this season due to the transition period. Adding 34-year-old Dwyane Wade into the team, many saw as a controversial decision. According to the current results, Chicago Bulls are speeding up and scoring higher than expected. The team has many technical problems, many aspects of the game they have to boost and correct, but the overall impression is rather positive. As it turns out, combining strength of the younger players with experience and knowledge of the older is showing some quite surprising results. Nobody expects them to conquer the league, but this remodeled Bulls team has yet a lot to show.

Westbrook’s aiming triple – double

Kevin DurantThe central figure of Oklahoma City Thunder team was Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook is a good player and it kind of goes without saying that great expectations were thrown in front of him, but never the highest. Now when Durant’s gone, Westbrook is playing the season of his career. After an impressive score in 19 games so far and amazing performance in the latest match with Knicks, Westbrook is aiming a triple-double on the season. That would place him side by side with famous Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson, which certainly exceeds all expectations of this player.

Underestimated LA Lakers

la-lakersAnother wrong anticipation of many experts refers to a modified team of LA Lakers. With no Kobe Bryant in the picture anymore, many gave almost no chances for a playoff spot to Lakers. Currently and surprisingly, this team is proving many skeptics wrong. There are some critical issues in their game in last few matches, but the talent, potential, and great strategies give a lot of reasons for hoping and expecting unpredicted positive results.