Turbulences in Olympiacos


The Greek team failed to qualify to the Final-4 in the previous season and is playing under pressure in this one. Handling high expectations from fans and experts labeling them as favorites this time, Olympiacos is pretty disbalanced. The overall score is not critical at all, but the team is struggling and fluctuates too much, risking qualifications to the top eight. Some victories were rather convincing, and the guys seemed pretty self-assured and steady, but some failures revealed plenty soft spots and inner problems with coherence and technique. They are facing important match with Darussafaka Dogus when they should play at the highest level to gain some consistency and reassure standing.

The team includes some pretty big names and great players, but some persistent problems are becoming obvious. To express the full potential of this roster, especially with Euroleague being this competitive as it is now, the coach Sfairopoulos has to improve some issues in the squad. We have listed only the burning ones here.

Mediocre playing due to lousy defense


Olympiacos is struggling with defense even more than the total number of conceded points shows. There were few matches when opponents took a great advantage of this soft spot, causing Greeks to invest the highest efforts to win eventually. The team is quite good when it comes to rebounds, but their defensive performance often causes the uncertain course of action until the very end of a game.

Awful assists performance

euroleagueOlympiacos is among the worst teams in Euroleague when it comes to assists performance. Their rhythm is slow, the moving across the field is not dynamic enough, and their game is slowly becoming quite predictable. This is one of the biggest problems in basketball since the opponents have just enough time to organize their defense strategy and rebounds.

Imprecision and troubling three – points

Too many good offensives failed to be effective only due to imprecision, hastiness and lack of concentration. Also, their percentage of the three-points range is quite low, which directly influences the overall result and their performance. The problem of poor three-point shooting can be seen in overall team spirit – the team becomes hopeless immediately and organizes unreasonable actions and strategic moves.

Weak links in the chain

Currently, the Olympiacos’ game is centered around few very powerful players, but their efforts are simply not enough. There are some players, like Papanicolaou, Young, and Hackett who are still playing beyond their capacity. However, these weak links obstruct the coherent performance, and all opponents figured this out so far. As a result, they are taking this as their advantage and manage to beat Olympiacos. Their overall team spirit decreased due to mentioned problems, and as a consequence, they cannot strike at least two wins in a row.

It’s not too late

In spite of apparent fluctuations and struggling, Olympiacos is still strong, talented and well-trained team with some very experienced players. Expectations are still high, and the chances are solid, but the game has to reach their highest levels before they thread too many defeats to qualify further.